Brainkeeper - to know them all

Brainkeeper - to know them all

Quickly save your own vocabulary and learn it using spaced repetition, practice spelling and pronunciation.

"Everyone deserves to feel confident speaking in foreign language", Brainkeeper

Get ready for tests your life brings. Brainkeeper helps people to remember important words they come across on a daily basis.

You can easily add, store and regularly practise any foreign words you encounter on the Internet, in books, during your lessons, at work or while you travel.

Turn your mobile phone into a deck of flashcards with the selection of your handpicked words you need to remember. Look at each word that appears on the top of the deck. Push the card up a bit with your finger and let it fall back to hear how this word sounds. Then, tap on the card to flip it over and reveal the meaning of this foreign word. How well do you already know it? Swipe the card to the right to mark the word as learned, or swipe the card to the left to practise it soon again.


Brainkeeper is your personal vocabulary trainer, which is handy and at your service 24/7.


  • Anywhere, anytime - your vocabulary always handy for a quick training
  • Listen to correct pronunciation while swiping each card
  • Get ready for your language exams effectively with spaced repetition

  • 5 minutes of swiping, 15 words daily - minimum regular effort for maximum longterm results
  • Download popular flashcards or create your own
  • Automatic online backup - never lose a word, never lose your learning progress



Still don't understand... What is Brainkeeper?

Brainkeeper is mobile application for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android.

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Ok but how exactly it works?

Brainkeeper is versatile tool which helps organize and then practice your own vocabulary with modern tech like AI spaced repetition.

Hmm.. does it mean I don't need any language course now?

No. Brainkeeper will help you excel vocabulary at any language you choice. However, grammatical rules.


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